Glamour & Grind Editorial Shoot Guidelines

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Our Mission Statement

We create an environment where owners feel like they’re not alone in running a business through creating a community. We work hard to provide resources for education and branding material creation. Building a business through creativity and community is truly something we believe in. Editorial Shoots are a great way to network and get referrals.

Thank you for your interest in creating your dream portfolio with Glamour & Grind through editorial shoots. We love using collaborations as a way to help build up small businesses.

Please read through the following guidelines in order to ensure that our shoots are the right fit for your marketing needs.


  • Glamour & Grind will act as the sole and exclusive planner for the shoot. No other person, company, professional or otherwise, shall provide planning for the shoot. A planner can be brought on board for our shoots if they pay the vendor fee to be the “coordinator” or “planner” if they are a part of bringing in participants. Planners can also be brand ambassadors (same credit rules apply.) We are happy to work with other planners to create design boards if they are looking to hire a stylist.


  • Although we know photographers plan shoots as well there is no need to feel that if you plan shoots you cannot be a part of one of ours. You are welcome to come be a part of the shoots as long as you are not trying to sell tickets to your shoots during our shoots. You will be removed from the group if you try to sell tickets during one of our shoots.

Ticket Costs

  • We charge a vendor fee and a photographer/videographer fee. We are happy to provide testimonials if needed. This is also something you are able to write off as a marketing expense.
  • We allow and encourage our vendors to practice creative freedom in these shoots. These shoots are intended to be the marketing materials you want.

Ticket Cancellations

  • Because there are limited spots we do not issue refunds. It is your responsibility to find someone who wants to buy your ticket from you.
  • You can sell the ticket for full price or discounted to help you make back some of the money.

What Glamour & Grind Provides

  • We will be paying the wholesale price of the flowers within our set budget agreed upon with the florist.
  • We provide ribbon, ring boxes, and any other detail pieces available to us for flatlays.
  • If we are working with a venue, to ensure the shoots match their marketing, we do ask the venues to contribute a portion of the flower expense.

Collaboration Agreement

  • It is understood that Glamour & Grind will receive and distribute all galleries from a shoot from EVERY photographer. We expect that all photos will be provided to vendors allowing them to showcase their work and cross promote with other vendors via blog posts and publishing.
  • Be Considerate: Everyone is shooting together as a group here. If you are consistently getting in the way of the other photographers and not allowing them to get the photos as well you will not be allowed to participate in shoots. It takes away value to the other members if people are not considerate.
  • Number of Images: We expect a minimum of 40 images from our full wedding shoots per photographer. Although we ask for 40 if you plan on publishing your work anywhere you will need 50 if not more, all publications ask for different things.
  • A safe number to go with is six images per setup/vendor to give them a range of photos to choose from. Remember the more photos you provide of a vendor’s work the more likely your work will be showcased on their social media with credit and you’re more likely to receive referrals from them.
  • Galleries in a Timely Manner: After every shoot please share a link to your gallery within one month of the shoot.
  • If when we reach out for the galleries you do not respond we will consider that a lack of communication and show that you cannot fulfill your end of the agreement and you will not be able to buy tickets in the future.
  • Social Media: We expect all vendors to be credited in the caption of any image showcasing the shoot. When blogging, please give credit and include links to all websites, social media, etc. We will have a list of vendors in the Facebook group posted the day of the shoot.
  • In the facebook group we post all vendor lists that have everyone’s social media. If your information has a typo or is not there please contact us.
  • No other person participating can bring an item being covered by another vendor unless previously discussed.

The Golden Rule

  • We expect you to treat others and their things the way you would want to be treated or have your things be treated. Treat everything like it’s your baby.
  • If you break something you will be held financially responsible.
  • It’s Not All About You: These shoots are a group effort. You are expected to work in a group. This means taking turns getting the images everyone needs. Be patient. We allow for a lot of time with each station. Just because it may not be a shot you need does not mean you need to just change the shot. We pair you by style but that does not mean you will need all of the same things. Please treat everyone as equals and see that they have the same opportunities as you to get the shots they deem important. Once you take all the shots you need please step back and let the others finish up. Do not rush any fellow photographer. Take turns getting close ups.

Clean Up

  • Clean up after yourselves: If you bring something with you take it home or put it in the trash before you leave. We are not responsible for cleaning up after you.


  • Due to the shoots we plan being a collaborative effort we do not allow exclusive publishing. That being said you are welcome to book an exclusive shoot with Glamour & Grind if you want to be able to publish exclusively. For the group shoots you are welcome to publish in non-exclusive magazines.
  • We encourage our editorial shoot attendees to submit their photos to be published non exclusively.


  • If you are agreeing to model we expect you to be fully committed to being there. If you back out we have the option to not allow you to model in future shoots.
  • Hygiene: You must come with nails that are done, have press on nails or paint your nails.
  • The male must have nails that are trimmed nicely. Facial hair expectations will be discussed ahead of time.
  • Showing up: When you are a model we haven’t used before there is a fee of $50.00. This fee is 100% refundable for shoots if stated in the event description.

Notices For Glamour & Grind Services

Any notice or official communication provided for in this Agreement (such as notices of termination of the Agreement due to cancellation of the rental or Clients’ change of heart regarding Rental Services, or notices of postponement or date change) shall be in writing and shall be delivered in person or by registered/certified U.S mail or tracked shipping (via UPS, Federal Express or other major carrier), and said notice shall be effective upon actual receipt by the other Party or within seventy-two (72) hours of placement in the mail or shipping, whichever is sooner.

Dispute Resolution

Any dispute or claim arising under or in any way related to this Agreement, with the exception of recovery by  Glamour & Grind LLC of any unpaid fees from Clients (which may be recovered or collected by Glamour & Grind LLC via collections, small claims court, or any legal remedy available to rental provider. In the event of such a termination for non-payment, Clients shall be responsible for any attorneys’ fees, court costs, or other expenses incurred by Glamour & Grind LLC in the collection of any balance.

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