Client Experience

At Glamour & Grind we built our client experience around creating Styled Shoots that are better in every aspect from a typical shootout.

We offer an experience that is different yet we hope sets the stage for what all Styled Shoot experiences should be like.

As full time styled shoot planners we focus on creating an experience that is intimate and inviting yet bustling & oozing with creativity. We pair photographers up by style of shooting, style of editing, experience and relationships!


Engagement Session at Providence Canyon

Perhaps what makes us stand apart the most is that we limit our photographer to model ratio at 5:1. We structure our Styled Shoots this way to ensure you are not tripping over other photographers to get the angle you want. Nothing is worse than the models moving on from a pose you wanted to capture before you can get it!

Although we limit our photographers per model it is beneficial to the photographers when we sell more tickets! The more photographers who sign up the more models we will use!

We know how uncomfortable it is to pose two people who aren’t in love or even in lust so you will never find a fake couple at our shoots!


We do not limit ourselves to a single trendy style. We are always working on different themes for our Styled Shoots so you can build a complete and professional portfolio through attending our events!

A little bit of everything!

Our full wedding shoots are all inclusive; cake, champagne, floral arrangements, rentals, a flatly kit complete with ribbon, ring boxes, rings, cufflinks and so much more is included in the price of your photography ticket.

Behind the scenes marketing materials

Florida Styled Shoot

We also have a bts photographer at our wedding shoots who will take your headshots so come dressed to impress!

At all of our events we provide bts video footage for your social media and marketing needs. We also offer video editing to create you a tiktok, instagram reel or branding video at a discounted rate by cutting out the extra travel required.

Shoot Prep

Styled Shoot Prep

We know it can be overwhelming to come to an event with a bunch of people you may have never met before for a type of shoot you may have never done before so we took the time to provide materials to help you prep! You can check out our blogs on what to pack, what to expect and how to get the most from our shoots.

To fully experience what it is like to be one of our clients join our online community.

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