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Our Styled Shoots & Resources are focused on helping creative professionals grow their portfolio while they grow their businesses

With a touch of love and a flair for the dramatic, Glamour & Grind produces Styled Shoots & resources to help creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Our business is a bit unique! We are not wedding vendors, we simply service them! We are a Florida based team focused on creating business solutions. Our business is built around creating events for business growth through content creation, education and networking!

We specialize in creating marketing materials that your clients will not only adore, but also relate to, through Styled Shoots. Through our shoots you will be building your contacts while you build your portfolio. Be sure to check out our Past Styled Shoots & resources listed in our blogs!

Through being a member of our Facebook Community, Glamour & Grind’s Community for Styled Shoots & Resources, our clients receive resources to make running their business easier. There is always support in the group from the community we have built. Our clients always have someone in their corner to help them through the ups and downs of being a small business owner.

Not sure what a “Styled Shoot” is?

Styled Shoots go by many names. Depending on where you are you may call them content days, editorial shoots, staged weddings, shootouts, styled weddings, styled sessions or if you’re new it may be you know it as a wedding content creation If these are all foreign to you we break it down in this blog!

For more information on how our shoots are run be sure to check out our FAQ’s and Client Experience!

Is this right for my business?

When committing to your first Styled Shoot with us we strongly encourage you to check out the information we have put together on our client experience & what to expect from our events. We strongly believe in providing you with as much information as we can to help you decide if our shoots are the right investment for your business!

Be sure to check out our Past Shoots. Past shoots allow you to go into this knowing not only how we do things but what the end results look like!

Only interested in a certain look or a certain location? Be sure to put in a request!
Styled Shoots

About Us

Becca planned her first Styled Shoot as a wedding planner in January of 2019. After having formed such great relationships with the vendors from the first shoot it didn’t take long to have requests for more shoots for wedding content creation. In March of 2020 Becca realized that she was still taking on weddings because it was what she felt she was supposed to do and not because she had a passion for it, she didn’t love LOVE, she loved marketing. Around that time she brought on her business partner, Spencer, to help with coaching, spreadsheet creation and behind the scenes videos for not only their marketing needs but also the marketing needs of our clients.

We are always looking to grow our team!

Planning a Styled Shoot?

Whether you’re planning your first Styled Shoot or just looking for resources for your upcoming shoot be sure to check out our Creative Director Resources! Be sure to add your Styled Shoots to our community calendar with no cost upfront! Be sure to check out our guide on adding your event!

Check out some BTS videos provided by our clients!

Chandler Oaks- January 18, 2019

LW Film + Photo

Ribault Club- June 25, 2020

Our Wild Souls

The Assembly Room- September 22, 2020

LW Film + Photo

Our Latest Blogs

To get sneak peaks on upcoming Styled Shoots & access more of our resources be sure to join our online community, Glamour & Grind’s Community for Styled Shoots & Resources!

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