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Consider us your brands personal trainer

Every business has its own identity, commonly known as a brand. Your business, like people, needs to be maintained to stay in top shape. We’re here to help make your plan and execute it!

Your brand determines if your organization will be successful.

For growing companies, brand identity and business plans are the difference between scaling to the next level and failing. Just as important to your success, however, is understanding when and what to spend (and more importantly not spend) your time on. Glamour & Grind creates thriving businesses while maintaining CEO’s sanity by giving them the resources and services they need to grow, while balancing a life outside of work.

Glamour & Grind is a full service branding agency that offers services to elevate your brand. Our agency consists of a group of creatives who stay with you throughout the full lifecycle of your business—from startup to optimization to continuous support. This is your one-stop business shop.

Allow our team to take the stress out of brand management and development.

Brand assessment

We will analyze your marketing platforms to find your strengths and weaknesses to help you better communicate your expertise & client experience to your audience!

Starting at $500

Marketing strategy & management

When you run a brand marketing is a job all on its own. Allow us to come up with your strategy so you can focus on executing without struggling with where to put your energy.

Starting at $1,500

Enhanced client experience

Your clients deserve an experience that wows! Allow us to take the work out of coming up with your client experience so your clients get the best of your while you focus on running your business.

Starting at $1,500

Content creation

Every brand deserves a day to shine! This custom shoot will be just what your business needs! This will include a brand consult to ensure this matches what your brand needs to encourage growth in the direction you want it to go.

Starting at $750

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