The Purposes of Editorial Workshops

What to expect with a Styled shoot

All of the purposes of editorial workshops & shoots are based around enhancing businesses!

While there are many purposes to editorial shoots the most popular reason is to create marketing materials that fit your branding needs as well as what your ideal client is looking for. These shoots are something many wedding vendors participate in. Although photographers that don’t shoot weddings can also do editorial shoots. Editorial shoots are a resource for creative brands to create their dream portfolio.

Marketing Materials That Fit Your Brands Needs

Styled Tropical Wedding Shoot Florida

There are countless reasons wedding vendors would participate in editorial workshops. The truth of the matter is even experienced wedding vendors don’t necessarily get the bookings they want. They may be getting a lot of event bookings but they may not be their ideal clients. This means they still may not share the photos because it doesn’t represent their business the way they would like it to. Often times, vendors never even get the photos from weddings. Sometimes people participate in editorial shoots to have creative freedom, be around like minded people and have fun.

Get your work published

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These shoots are a great way to reach a new audience through publishing your work in places your preferred audience would be looking at.

Networking With Potential Referral Partners

We are focused on creating a community as well as helping creatives create marketing that helps businesses grow.

These shoots are a great way to be around like minded people and grow your network.

Shoot Planning

If you’re new to planning shoots we would love to have you be a part of our Mastermind for planning editorial shoots. We can help walk you through the process! Be sure to also join our group dedicated to creative directors.


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