Meet the Team

Styled Shoot Creators

Becca & Spencer are partners not only in business but also in life. We are laid back, professional and without a doubt meant to be together. As business owners we are constantly pushing each other to accomplish new things and set new goals. We pride ourselves in being innovative, welcoming and success driven not only for themselves but also our clients.

Glamour & Grind is a Florida based business focused on enhancing the business experience for creatives.

Styled Shoot Planner


Becca is an active taco eater with a passion for cats. She is the creative in this partnership. While she studied at University of South Florida she earned a certificate of visualization and design. In her free time she loves to paint, edit videos and browse Pinterest.

Becca originally started her professional career as a wedding & event planner. She began doing Styled Shoots to create marketing materials and after the first shoot she and her group of friendors just kept planning more. She quickly discovered that although she loved the design of weddings she didn’t love being a wedding planner. At the end of the day she realized she doesn’t love Love, she loves marketing.

Styled Shoot Creative Director


Spencer brings the operational know how to the table. He comes from a background of Business and Financial Management. As a left brain thinker he has a desire to help his clients achieve their personal and business goals. Between the two partners the business has the perfect balance of creativity and business smarts.

Don’t be afraid to get in Spencers shots at styled shoots as his focus is to get behind the scenes footage. The shots he gets are used in our behind the scenes videos as well as put in a folder all the photographers & vendors get access to for marketing materials after they share their finished galleries!

In his free time Spencer enjoys cooking with an excessive amount of garlic and playing softball. He loves drinking old fashions or margaritas with as much salt as he can get on the rim.

BTS Team

Lauren Weathington
Owner of LW Film + Photo

Lauren is our professional fly on the wall capturing behind the scenes footage from our shoots. Getting her start by filming adventures with friends in college, wedding videography and photography followed quickly behind. Lauren’s filmmaking approach is people first, everything else second. When she’s not behind the camera, you can find her traveling or reading a good book. As a lover of all things vintage, she frequently practices calligraphy while watching Pride and Prejudice (or any other period piece) for the millionth time.

G&G Team

Eastern Team

Nicole Fawn Fernandes
Tampa, Florida

Nicole, with Fawning For Florals, is a lifelong creative with a keen connection to all things in nature. She spent the majority of her youth living and working at an equestrian training facility where she learned the values of entrepreneurship, but also developed an appreciation for natural color pallettes and textures. Nicole relishes the caretaking and beauty of flowers, and fell in love with the endless possibilities of floral design. She has experience using a range of aesthetics and consistently creates exceptional event themes – from traditional to modern, tropical, or even literary. Nicole’s work has been published and even featured on Popsugar. Her clients enjoy her collaborative approach and her dedication to ensuring their vision achieved. Beyond her love for flowers, she adores spending time with her young daughter and husband, baking, and all things artistic

Shelbi Palmer
Palatka, Florida

Shelbi, with Shelbi Ann Imagery, is a lover of all things real and raw. She loves adventure, weddings & elopements and being as extra as possible when it comes to creating her art! She is from a small town in North Florida, Palatka, but her tour in Germany with the U.S. Army taught her to have a love for adventure. Being in Europe taught her so much about the adventures of life and brought light to the joys of travel, culture, and relationships along the way. Shelbi is a boy mom, a wife and an avid coffee drinker! A fun fact about Shelbi is she loves all things pickle!

Naomi Turner
Wilmington, North Carolina

Naomi, with Naomi Turner Photography, has had a camera in her hand since she was seven. She doesn't remember a time when she wasn't avidly learning new camera settings, better editing techniques, and plotting ways to have her friends and family model for her. She has a passion for the beach and lives in Wilmington, NC!

Elizabeth Schmidt
Baltimore, Maryland
Elizabeth is an aspiring family and wedding photographer located in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a graduate of Towson University and currently works in Human Resources. In her free time, she loves to craft and create wooden signs using her Cricut. One fun fact is she met her husband while working in Chick-fil-A’s drive thru.
Yami Anselmo
Tampa, Florida

Yami is based in the Tampa area and specializes in couples and the teen/senior market. 

She loves to hike, read and bake.

She is also an adventurer and loves to travel and explore the world. She love being able to document every moment and step of the way not just of her travels but also for everyone else. Yami is so grateful God brought her to a place in her life where she can be doing something that she loves so much. 

Ivy ClarkRodgers
Columbus, Georgia
Ivy, with INS Photography, is a creative photographer. She loves working & meeting amazing photographers from all around the world. Her job is to capture every special moment. When she is not working, Ivy can be found traveling, playing with her dogs, or spending time with family.
Haley Garber
Charlotte, North Carolina

Haley, with Beauty by Haley Garber, is an award winning onsite cosmetologist located near Charlotte, NC. She loves being able to create hair and makeup for any occasion, from the classic wedding to the most ethereal of shoots. Hair is most definitely an art medium. She is also a human trafficking advocate for bringing awareness to the beauty industry. When not creating, she's either traveling and adventuring, drinking really good coffee, or reading a good book. Sometimes, it's all of the above.

Central Team

Audrey Darke
Destin, Florida

Audrey, with Audrey Darke Photography, is a destination wedding & elopement photographer based in Destin, Florida. She is a graduate of the University of Tennessee Knoxville where she majored in marketing with a concentration in entrepreneurship. Audrey is an avid reader, traveler, and learner.

Jeni MacVicar
Clarksville, Tennessee
Jeni, with Resfeber Elopements, is an elopement planner and photographer.  In addition to this, she am also a boy and cat mom and wife.  She love the outdoors, true crime podcasts and television shows, and binging Netflix with her husband.  When she's not photographing, she's usually watching my son play baseball, hiking, or fishing as a family.  She love capturing true connections between couples.  She gets such joy knowing that her couples will have timeless images to enjoy for their lifetime.
Sam Johns
Springfield, Missouri
Sam, with Sam Johns Photography, is a private photo editor based in southwest Missouri. She loves working with amazing photographers from all around the world. Her job is to make the life of a photographer easier by editing in their exact style as if she was them. When she is not working, Sam can be found fly fishing, playing with their dogs, or spending time with family. Between her and her husband, they have a combined total of 10 siblings and 17 nieces and nephews!
Cindy Watson
Bowling Green Kentucky
Cindy, with Cindy Watson Photography, is a Florida girl turned Kentuckian.
She grew up on a family farm taking pictures of all the animals and all her friends. A fun childhood hobby turned into a fun career in 2017.
She lives in Bowling Green, KY with her mini Pomeranian and two cats. When's shes not taking pictures or watching children for her day job she's fostering kittens for the Warren County area.
She's a true crime junkie and a die hard Grey's Anatomy and FRIENDS fan who is always up for an adventure or a fun personalized shoot!
Always looking for a good laugh and clients who turn into friends!
Brett Moist
Joanna and brett

Brett Moist, the co-owner of Joanna and Brett Photo, is a full time wedding photographer with his wife, Joanna. Brett, Joanna and their four year old daughter currently live in Chicago but are relocating to Austin, Texas. He and his wife were very lucky to build a 6 figure wedding photography business during a pandemic and are ready to take their Midwestern charm to the south! 

Brett started his photography career working for a photo agency in NASCAR. Brett loved the exhilaration that came with cars racing past his face at 200 mph but felt that wasn’t his true calling, he felt he was meant to use his gift to make an impact on everyone he comes into contact with. 

Wedding photography has given him the outlet to truly show couples how special they really are not only to each other, but the entire world. One of his biggest goals is to help other photographers achieve the very dream that he has. After all, there are 60 million couples getting married every year, there is an Abundance of couples for everyone. There is no competition. With an abundance mindset, we can all work together, grow, and achieve our dreams! 

A fun fact about Brett is in high school his nickname was Slightly Damp. To this day, he is known for lightening any situation by making himself the butt of jokes using “Moist” in humorous and often inappropriate ways.

Mountain Team

Mariah Wynkoop
Denver, Colorado
Mariah is the owner of Wynkoop Photography, LLC  based in Denver, Colorado. She lives with her husband, Zack, and her Goldendoodle puppy, Shadow. She absolutely loves to travel and would love to photograph weddings and elopements all over the world. She's an adventure lover and can be found outdoors hiking, running long distances, kayaking, scuba diving, and a whole long list of other things. She pretty much lives in her Chaco's even when there is snow on the ground which her Mom loves to make fun of her for. She runs on copious amounts of coffee and wine and a whole lot of country music. Fun fact is that she actually has a degree in Chemical Engineering which was way less fun than photography and all things couples in love! 
Aly Wednesday

Aly Wednesday was a model for several years, now a growing influencer, a soon-to-be-author, and has been a photographer for 3 years. She is based in Bluffdale, Utah, and loves capturing movement, coming up with creative concepts, and seeing life’s most beautiful moments through a creative lens. And she is always up for an adventure when it comes to getting a great shot!

Pacific Team

Sierra Jessup
Seattle, Washington

Sierra, with Sierra Jessup Photography, is an adventure elopement and intimate wedding photographer based in the Pacific Northwest. She also works part time as an engineering consultant for a medical device non-profit. Sierra is an outdoor fanatic that loves to hike, mountain bike, rock climb, and sail! Her perfect Saturday includes packing up her VW campervan with bikes and finding an escape from the city with her husband and australian shepherd pup, Kai. There's nothing more fulfilling for Sierra (job-wise) than to help a couple plan and capture their wedding somewhere gorgeous outside!

Nomadic Team

Nellie & Josua Cox
Professional Nomad
 Joshua & Inez Photography is a husband and wife photography duo that focus on weddings and engagements. We have over twelve years combined experience with photography and it has grown from a hobby we both enjoyed into our life's passion and livelihood.
Amy Cheree Givens
Professional Nomad

Cheree is a wandering gypsy at heart. Her + her husband Bryan, the owners of The Wild Soul Films + Photo, are always on the go, looking for new people to meet and new adventures to be had. Her love for travel drives her to inspire, create and explore. There's nothing that brings her more joy than traveling and creating art through photography + videography. Except maybe their pitbull rescue, Roman. Her other life loves involve hiking, writing, reading and Duke basketball. 

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