The Purposes of Styled Shoots

What to expect with a Styled Wedding Shoot

All of the purposes of styled shoots are based around enhancing businesses!

While there are many purposes to Styled Shoots the most popular reason is to create marketing materials that fit your branding needs as well as what your ideal client is looking for. These shoots are something many wedding vendors participate in. Although photographers that don’t shoot weddings can also do Styled Shoots. Styled Shoots are a resource for photographers and other creatives to create their dream portfolio.

Marketing Materials That Fit Your Brands Needs

Styled Tropical Wedding Shoot Florida

There are countless reasons wedding vendors would participate in Styled Shoots. The truth of the matter is even experienced wedding vendors don’t necessarily get the bookings they want. They may be getting a lot of event bookings but they may not be their ideal clients. This means they still may not share the photos because it doesn’t represent their business the way they would like it to. Often times, vendors never even get the photos from weddings. Sometimes people participate in Styled Shoots to have creative freedom, be around like minded people and have fun.

Clients Don’t Expect “Free Shoots” – Model Calls

Smoke bomb photoshoot

Model calls are very often what people use to break into a market, test out new ideas or even rebrand! We believe these model calls are setting you up for clients expecting free/cheap sessions. They see you do a free session and will wait expectantly for the next model call. By doing a model call you may get the pictures you want but you’re losing potential paid clients and taking away the perceived value of your work.

Practice & Trying New Things

St Augustine Wedding Shoot

These shoots are a great way to test out new ideas. If it doesn’t work out theres no paid client to explain it to or refund. You can try new gear, new poses, no lighting options. This is a great way to perfect your craft without the pressure.

Networking With Potential Referral Partners

We are focused on creating a community as well as helping creatives create marketing that helps businesses grow so most of our shoots are done for groups. Although, some people may not like the idea of shooting in a group there are perks to doing it this way. For instance, being pushed out of your comfort zone helps you do things in a new way which leads to growth or learning.

These shoots are the biggest way for wedding vendors to network and be with their referral partners. While most business leaders can go to a regular networking social wedding vendors get a lot less out of them. This is because their clientele is so specific, people getting married. Making friends with other people who are getting booked by your client helps you get booked by the client because when they ask for recommended vendors you will be the first person they think of.

When Do They Happen?

Often times, wedding Styled Shoots are during the week because venues are booked on weekends. On occasion you can do weekends you generally will have to pay the venues due to them giving up a date clients can book. Although everyone plans differently we plan ours to be in the evening around golden hour or at sunrise!

Shoot Planning

If you’re new to planning shoots we would love to have you be a part of our Mastermind for planning Styled Shoots. We can help walk you through the process! If you’re looking for a less hands on approach be sure to check out our How to Plan a Styled Shoot basics guide. Be sure to also join our group dedicated to shoot planners.


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