Content Creation for Photographers

Palatka Styled Shoot

We love working with photographers! Be sure to go through some of our past styled shoots in our blogs and make sure our styles match! Content creation through styled shoots for photographers and wedding vendors is the perfect way to create marketing materials.

Why is there a need for styled shoots?

Many people think styled shoots are for exposure but that is not accurate. The point is to showcase what you want clients to book you for. Styled shoots are important because you are able to showcase not just what you are booked for by your brides but also what you want to be booked for. These shoots are perfect if you’ve either never done a wedding, only have booked low end weddings and want to attract high end brides, or you are rebranding!

Creating Your Dream Marketing Materials In a Creative, Social Environment

Styled Shoots are not solely for shooting at. When you come to these events you are networking and creating a stronger community. While attending these events you will end up seeing not only faces you recognize but many new ones! With a community of 2K+ members you are always likely to make a new friend. Many photographers book their second shooters and associate photographers from attending these events and finding someone that they form a connection with! You won’t just be networking with other photographers! You will be interacting with the vendors who attend as well. Between interacting at the shoot and sending them a gallery from the shoot you are likely to receive referrals from them!

Exclusive Photographer Shoots


We handle planning everything for your shoot! You tell us the look you want and we put it all together for you! This is for non-wedding shoots only.

Starting at $300


We make it easy to create your dream wedding portfolio! With this Package we include finding you a real couple, a bouquet, and recruiting vendors and organizing it for you! All you have to do is show up, shoot, edit and then send over the gallery when you’re finished!

Starting at $1,000

Mini Session Planning

Mini sessions are a great way to make some extra cash without spending as much time on sessions.

For us to plan your shoot we charge $50 upfront and then collect a 15% per session booked.

Mastermind & Mentorship for Styled Shoot Planners

Whether it’s your first shoot or you’re a styled shoot veteran we are happy to mentor you or have you join one of our mastermind programs or join our community for shoot planners!

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