Styled Shoot Calendar

How many photographers attend the shoot?

We limit the number of photographers based on how many models/ couples attend the Styled Shoot. For each model we allow up to 5 photographers. In most instances there are more than one couple or high fashion bride and there ends up being 3-4 photographers per model or couple.

How do we sign up?

Simply request an invoice from us on FB or IG messenger or email us. Be sure to include the title and date of the Styled Shoot you would like to attend.

Who will be posing the models?

Every photographer will have the chance to pose the models the way they want. If you are uncomfortable with your experience in posing that isn’t a problem! We will pair you with photographers that have more experience with posing when possible. If this is not an option, our owner and stylist, Becca, will direct the posing for the shoot.

How do I become a Vendor?

Be sure to keep up with our events on our FB page and here on our website. Once you find a Styled Shoot that you would be interested in attending reach out to us via FB or IG messenger or through glamonrandgrindevents@gmail.com and we can give you the details for that specific shoot and send you and invoice.

Can I bring a friend or assistant come to watch/ help me shoot?

Absolutely! You can attend any shoot free of charge- we just ask that you leave your camera at home. We also encourage you to bring an assistant (as long as they aren’t shooting). You can bring a friend but be sure to also branch out and mingle with fellow photographers! Networking plays an important roll in our motto of Community over Competition and makes our shoots more fun and interactive.

What equipment can/ should I bring?

We have a great blog post on some essential items you should bring. In addition you can bring photography related item that will improve your final work without inhibiting that of your peers.

How are we paired with other photographers?

We pair photographers based on their editing and shooting styles as well as their personalities. If you have any special requests please let us know ahead of time and we will make accommodations where possible!

What if I get hangry?

We always bring the snacks! Feel free to bring your own though, you aren’t you when you’re hungry!

Why do we have to turn in galleries?

Our Styled Shoots are not just for photographers. Our various vendors, models and venues all sign up for our shoots with the understanding each photographer will provide them with marketing material and exposure. We also ask that you tag all vendors, models and venue spaces when posting on any social media.

How long are the Styled Shoots?

Our Flourish shoots are up to 4 hours long. Some shoots can finish up early but rarely run late as most are planned around golden hour.

How long do we have to turn in our galleries?

You have one month to turn in your gallery. If we do a shoot on the 5th of January we need to have a submitted gallery on or before the 5th of February.

What happens if it rains?

Rain happens! Everyone does their best to protect any rental items outside and we wait it out. We almost always have indoor options on site (if the weather looks less than optimal it’s a great idea to bring your flash just in case the venue has dimly lit interior spaces). If the rain doesn’t completely let up we always bring umbrellas and can capture some awesome shots in the rain!

I don’t feel well can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. We only sell a select number of tickets for each shoot and do not offer refunds. You can sell your ticket to a friend and if the shoot is sold out we will even post the ticket in our group page for free!

Do I have to collect everyone’s contact information during the shoot?

Absolutely not! We will provide a 100% complete vendor list immediately after the shoot and you can copy and paste from there!

What if I have the Rona?

In select circumstances, if you are exposed to Covid-19, and are unable to sell your ticket for the shoot, we may be able to offer you a credit towards a shoot that is not sold out in the future.

What if I can’t make it on time?

It happens! if you can still attend and are just running behind a few minutes we will save you a spot in one of our photographer groups and you can join in as soon as you get to the Styled Shoot. If you miss something like flat lays etc there is always a few periods of down time for the models to rest where you can sneak away from the networking and get in the shots you need to complete your gallery!

I’m a starving artist but I still need to build a portfolio can Glamour & Grind help me?

We all start somewhere! We not only have in house payment plans, we also accept payments through PayPal which has it’s own financing system which allows up to 6 months no interest financing for your purchase!

Where can I find more info on upcoming Styled Shoots?

Our online community on Facebook is a great resource, as is our website for up and coming shoots. We are also releasing our very own app on January 2nd 2021 (Beta Version for now)! But don’t tell anyone, we haven’t announced it yet!

Be sure to read our guidelines before signing up for a shoot!

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