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Florida Wedding Photoshoot

What are Glamour & Grind Brand Ambassadors and why are they important?

Being a Glamour & Grind Brand Ambassador requires a lot of honor, problem solving skills and people skills. We believe that communities with styled shoots are more close knit causing more referrals to be given and more thriving businesses! We want to help create that in more places!

Why is this program good for our clients?

We did our first styled shoot in January 2019. In March 2019 we created a Facebook group for our shoots. We quickly grew to have members all over the country and then all over the world (whaat?!?). As our group grew so did our requests for shoots in places we weren’t in.

We realize styled shoots are important for creating a community atmosphere but traveling is time consuming and expensive! To keep costs down to everyone we decided to create our Brand Ambassador program!

Our brand ambassador run shoots are at a slightly cheaper rate than the shoots we are at because we aren’t there to help pose and get BTS footage! The rest of our client experience remains the same! We open our shoots to five photographers per couple. So, when a photographer is the brand ambassador there are instantly only four spots available.

In a nutshell

This means we are able to offer cheaper shoots in locations closer to you! If you want to have a shoot planned near you fill out our request form!

What we expect from our Brand Ambassadors

We expect anyone representing us to be prompt, encouraging, relatable and focused on community growth.

Our brand ambassadors must be willing to pick up flowers and bring a dress we ship to them to the shoot!

Who can apply?

Photographers, Hair & Makeup Artists and Wedding Planners are perfect for this position! We do allow other vendors to be brand ambassadors, all are welcome to apply!

Planners interested in this program

We know planners need content too and we’re happy to work with you! We take credit as stylists when we work with planners! If you want to help with bringing in vendors you will receive planner credits. Once you connect with a vendor that is interested we take over making arrangements. If you want to just manage the day of you will receive coordinator credits!

We do not allow models to fill these spots as they cannot keep track of time or handle any disputes among photographers.

Why you should join our program!

Although we do not currently pay our brand ambassadors you are compensated for your time by having a FREE spot in a shoot that we plan. This means we handle everything until the day of! You are on location for Glamour & Grind! You pick up the flowers, we ship you the dress and you bring the dress, flowers & any other accessories we send for the shoot. For some shoots we may need you to pick up a bottle or two of champagne. After you grab that send us a picture of the receipt and we will reimburse you!

We work with your schedule! We are very flexible on when to plan shoots since we don’t have to be there!

SEO benefits

When you are one of our brand ambassadors you get added to our meet the team page! We link your bio to your website which helps you rank higher on google and will drive people to your website.

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