New Business Owner Resources

New Photography Business

Congratulations on being a new business owner!

Before we celebrate you starting a business and becoming a new business owner too much let’s make sure we check some important things off a list!

If you’re a new photographer be sure to check out our photographer resource page!

From Hobby to Professional

Starting a business can be so overwhelming! It is so tough to know where to start when you decide you want to pursue starting a business! When you look online everything is written in a way that can make you feel all lost and twisted. Here is a list of what you need to do to start taking on PAID clients & customers!

Although all businesses are different the business startup is all pretty basic as far as becoming legal goes!

Have you?

  • Filed your business with your state? This can be as a Limited liability company (LLC), Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation: C Corp, S Corp, B Corp, Close Corporation or Nonprofit corporation, or Cooperative.
  • Gotten an Employer Identification Number (EIN or FEIN)? If not you file online here!
  • Gotten business insurance?
  • Gotten a resale certificate? This is for PHYSICAL products being sold, NOT services!
  • Filed for a Doing Business as (DBA)?
    • This isn’t an absolute must unless you plan on working under a name that is not your legal business name.

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