Business Coaching for Creatives

Marketing team in Jacksonville Florida

Spencer and Becca are the dream team when it comes to taking your business to the next level. Business coaching for creatives is extremely important so as your art grows you know what steps to take with your business.

Becca is the creative in the partnership. Becca has a certificate of visualization and design she earned at University of South Florida. Whereas Spencer brings the operational know how to the table. He comes from a background of Business and Financial Management. As a left brain thinker he has a desire to help you achieve your personal and business goals.

Becca and Spencer offer individual business coaching sessions as well as group sessions. Think of us as a resource. We provide perspective from two points of views- creative and business.

Individual Sessions

Our Individual sessions start at $75/hr and are a great opportunity for answering a large volume of questions you may have about your business. These individual sessions are a great way to start making your business more efficient. They also give you a platform to ask questions that you otherwise may not feel comfortable asking. Everyone grows at their own speed and we are here to help take you to the next level at your own pace.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are $50/session and are open up to 5 people. These sessions create inspiration amongst industry professionals in an educational enviroment. Our group sessions often open up new opportunities to each participant as it prompts brainstorming solutions towards common problems that others in the industry have encountered along the way. We often find that others in the session have been through something similar if not the same problem you’re facing today.

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