Branding & BTS Videos

Attract your ideal clients by highlighting your unique client experience

Your clients form a relationship with not only you but the experience you provide. We are here to help you flaunt what makes you great! We work closely with you to create branding & bts videos your clients can truly connect with you through.

Engage with your clients on all your marketing platforms

The modern world we live in requires us to market our businesses on multiple platforms with varying algorithms and expectations. We offer a variety of services from Tiktok footage creation to a fully edited branding video covering all of the services your business offers. Our standard video packages are focused on content creation. Our Premium video packages are for event days that focused on capturing the essence of your business.

Standard Video Packages

Our standard video packages are for business owners looking to create quick content for their marketing needs. These sessions are 90 minutes long with a travel distance of 30 miles. These options are ideal for having us come to a model call or session with real clients!

*We must comply with the FAA regulations which may limit where our drone can be flown

Travel distance of 30 miles included in prices listed above.

Premium Video Packages

Showcase all of your products & services

We want to be a part of all of the most integral aspects of your business! We love creating videos that show off all of your services and showcase what makes your business stand out!

Envision multiple categories of sessions, maternity, family, boudoir etc being featured in a single branding video showcasing your versatility as a photographer as well as highlighting the actual experience as fun and enjoyable to potential future clients.

Max 2 Days               2 hrs./ Day + $50/ additional half hr.                           30 mi. travel radius + $.50/ additional mi.

  • Prosper: Fully edited 15 second teaser & 1 minute Promo – $350
  • Thrive: Fully edited 30 second teaser & 2 minute Promo – $450
  • Flourish: Fully edited 30 second teaser & 3 minute Promo – $500

Wedding BTS + Mini Video for Your Client

Getting you on footage at an actual wedding is a great way to get more clients to book you for their wedding. Through this video it would show you doing flatlay, interacting with the bride/couple, you posing them, b-roll of the wedding when appropriate and you capturing their special day.

We provide a short video that you get to gift to your clients as a way to thank them for letting you use their wedding to create your marketing materials!

6 hours + $125 per additional hour         30 mi. travel radius + $.50/ additional mi.   (Destination Weddings- MUST cover all travel expenses)

  • Thrive: Fully edited 15 second teaser & 1 minute promo video – $500
  • Flourish: Fully edited 30 second teaser & 2 minute promo video – $650

All levels include a 30 second teaser video tailored to your bride and groom

Additional footage will be taken of the wedding; if the bride and groom would like to purchase a custom video after the wedding they are welcome to                                                                    We will also include 2 additional champagne bottles for videography purposes 

Styled shoot branding & BTS videos for other creative directors

Styled Shoot bts videos are what we know best! We always love supporting other styled shoot creators and that includes providing them with a beautiful video to show off what you created!

4 hours + $100 per additional hour        120 mi. travel radius +  $.50/additional mi.               Destination Shoots- MUST cover all travel expenses)

  • Thrive: Fully edited 30 second teaser & 1 minute promo video – $300
  • Flourish: Fully edited 15-30 second videos showcasing for up to 5 vendors & 1 minute promo video– $500
Additional Information

All video lengths can be divided into separate smaller videos equalling the same time for an additional 15% charge. For example, if you book a package that includes a 2 minute edited video for $100, you could instead opt for 3 20 second videos for $115.

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Staged Branding Videos

Don’t have anything coming up you want to use for your branding or bts videos? We work with many great photographers and would be happy to help you create content that is perfect for your branding. If you are a photographer and you need content created we can either plan you a photoshoot or you can join one of our shoots that you can find on our upcoming events calendar.

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