How Styled Shoots Bring Value to Venues

There is no doubt that Styled Shoots bring value to venues.

Content Creation

When you are in the wedding industry content is extremely important. No matter where your brides find your space they’re going to want to see pictures of your space and visualize the unique ways it can be used. Styled Shoots provide venues hundreds of photos they can use for their marketing. They are, after all, the one thing in absolutely every picture!

Showcase a New Look

By hosting Styled Shoots venues provide creatives an opportunity to turn the venue into their dream space. This allows them to market the venue in a way you wouldn’t have thought of. Vendors also take the opportunity to show your venue off in a way that will be attractive to their clients.

Although many brides use Pinterest, they don’t always have the best sense of style or the imagination to bring it to life in a specific space! Styled Shoots allow you to have content that matches the latest trends and looks you want!

Free, Ongoing Marketing

Another way styled shoots bring value to not only the venue, but also the vendors, is via marketing. All of our photographers, and other vendors, post and are required to tag their photos on social media with every visible participant in said photos.

What to expect when you agree to a shoot with Glamour & Grind

Due to the amount of creative freedom we allow for, we are happy to match the venue’s branding. Our goal as a business is to create Styled Shoots where everyone involved walks away with their dream marketing materials. Venues are no exception.

We will be opening the shoot to multiple photographers and be charging them. The amount we charge depends on the costs of doing the shoot as well as the style of the shoot.

What we require from the venue

We try to keep things simple! We need anything and everything you want showcased, that matches the theme of our shoot to be included! Beyond that, a clean space where we can create is all we require! We will put everything back where it belongs after the event.

For styes specifically coordinated with venues with special requests, we ask for a portion of the flower cost to be covered. This allows us to room to create everything needed on a bigger and better scale.

To see more information on how we run our events check out our FAQ’s.

To see examples of our work be sure to join our online community.

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