Making your website SEO friendly


SEO is the key to directing your ideal clientele to your audience.

SEO, the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, is the process used to get traffic to a website from the search engines. Investing in your SEO does not provide an immediate return however, it can make you rank higher without paying google or another search engine! Although there is a lot that goes into SEO using these tips and resources will get you going without making it a full time job.


Google reads what is on your site and then directs it at your intended audience. Therefore, using keywords throughout your website and alt text plays a huge role in search engines showing your site to the audience it’s intended for. Be sure to note that google cannot see what a picture is, instead it just sees a blank box. It is important to have alt text in your photos settings describing what it is with keywords you want google to read.

Linked pages

When you leave a page unlinked it is known as an orphan page. When a page is linked multiple times it tells the search engine that that page is important making it rank higher.


ToolWhat it does
YoastGuides you on your website on how to improve your SEO.
Site KitShows you where people are coming from, the type of device, searches people do to have your site suggested & more.
SemrushCheck out where your competitions traffic is coming from.
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