Stop excluding men

Jacksonville Public Relations agency

In the US 60% of businesses are owned by men.

There are many small businesses that are focused on servicing women in business. Niching down is a great step for small businesses to allow them to have a clear target audience.

Stop discriminating against men

We are all for a woman kicking ass at business but we also believe that your business can support them without discriminating against men. Businesses who service ”female entrepreneurs” are telling men their money isn’t as good as women’s money.

“But I prefer creating pretty things for entrepreneurs..”

We aren’t saying you need to work with businesses that aren’t within your style. We are saying it shouldn’t be worded as servicing female entrepreneurs. If there were a business that only serviced men entrepreneurs that would be considered sexist. The alternative we recommend instead of saying you service women entrepreneurs is saying you help entrepreneurs who’s clientele is attracted to a feminine brand. Putting aside the fact that servicing females exclusively can be seen as sexist it also doesn’t take into consideration there may be businesses run by men that service women.

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