Supporting women in business

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The amount of women in business has grown by 114% in the last 20 years.

It’s important for women to be supported in the business world to work towards a more equal world.

Ways to support women in business

  • Shop from their business
  • Share their pages, posts or website on social media
  • Ask who you can connect them to (who their ideal clientele is)
  • Write a review or share a post about their products/services
  • Celebrate their accomplishments with them

Although everyone wants to support women in business to help improve the financial position for the gender we also want to be sure to note that an important part of support is also providing resources. Supporting someone just because of their gender is not the way anyone wants to spend their money. If after you use a female led business you feel that you didn’t get the value that you may have expected we recommend giving feedback directly to the owner and potentially sharing any resources you feel may help them grow.

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