Why you’re not getting booked

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Avoid the downward spiral that comes with not getting booked.

It can be discouraging when you’re putting in work and not getting the results you want to. You’re thoughts are usually that you need to build your instagram to be more engaging, grow your followers/likes or offer something new often to a completely new type of client. But there are two big reasons you aren’t getting booked and they go hand in hand. The real reasons you aren’t getting booked is because you haven’t developed your verbal brand enough and you’re not communicating how your service/product brings people value.

No matter who you are servicing they want to feel confident in their decision on where they spend their money. As a business owner it is important to have a brand that is strong, recognizable and intentional. When you haven’t invested your time in developing your brand there is nothing that sets you a part from your competition.

It doesn’t matter if your product/service blows your competition out of the water. The truth is if you don’t know your verbal brand you’re nothing more than an equal to your competition. More often than not your audience doesn’t consist of experts in what you do, often times they know nothing about what you do. A positive on your audience often times not being an expert is it puts you in a position to be perceived as an expert even if you are new by being confident with information that you share. The down side of them not being an expert is you have to be ready to toot your own horn, whether you’re comfortable with it or not.

When you have spent the time developing your verbal brand you’re able to share with your audience allowing you to be perceived as an expert. As an expert you’re able to not only show off what value your services bring but also by educating your audience they will see the education you provide as added value.

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