Naming Your Business

Naming your business

When naming your business it’s important to think it over to pick the best name possible.

Although a rebrand is always an option picking the right business name the first time is the goal in order to save your time, energy and money in the long run.

Check availability

When you think you have a name picked it’s important to check your states registered business names, the trademark website, godaddy for the domain & the social media platforms that you feel your business needs to be on.

Ask for feedback

Don’t forget to ask a small sample of your potential ideal clients what they think of the name. Asking any peers is also helpful to get another view from professionals.

Know your long term goals

Before you can lock a name down you really need to know why you have started your business. If your goal ultimately is to leave your job and be able to spend time with your family then a business name with your name in it may be appropriate. If you’re looking to build an empire then a business name with your name in it may be limiting.

Use your resources

Namelix is a great resource to help brainstorm! With this tool you can set what type of name you want (made up words, two words, short names, etc.) for

Helpful Tips

Don’t use special characters

Besides the ampersand we recommend using normal characters. This will help your business come off with a higher perceived value.

Keep it memorable

If your name is too long or confusing in any way it won’t be as memorable. The key is to keep it short!

Make it easy to search

People need to be able to spell your name.

Make sure its web friendly

Don’t combine words or letters that without spacing can be misinterpreted.

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