Why to join BNI


Business Networking International is the largest business networking organization.

Growing your business can be overwhelming- having a team behind you can be what makes or breaks your sales. When you join BNI you have the opportunity to grow your business through using your exclusive spot to have a sales team that believes in givers gain.


Being a part of BNI means you have support from a team of professionals across multiple industries. Being a part of BNI is the same as joining a community. Once you’re in you will always have people rooting for your success.

Sales team

The biggest benefit of being a member of BNI is everyone in your chapter, and potentially other chapters you visit, become your sales team. Givers gain is the motto of BNI which means every believes if they give you business you’ll in return give them business, kind of like business karma.

This sales team is great when you have a lot of people in the same category as you in the group such as home services. Having people who are already working for or in touch with your clientele makes it so they already have a foot in the door and trust.


When joining a chapter theres only one spot available for each service. This means once you join no one else can advertise for the spot you take. Although someone else in the chapter make do the same thing as you in addition to whatever they hold a spot for they are not allowed to talk about it in the group meetings while you are a member.

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