Marketing Plan

Marketing plan

What is a marketing plan

A marketing plan is an operational document that tells a company the tactics, strategies & budget to follow for its advertising budget to where it will have the best return. A marketing plan may be made up of multiple marketing strategies.

Generally a marketing plan is made by a public relations, marketing or ad agency to outline activities for monthly, quarterly or annual campaigns. The goal for a marketing plan is to keep in mind your companies mission, ideal clients, budget, tactics, and deliverables.

What is in a marketing plan
  • Tailored messaging to target ideal clients
  • Market survey to set pricing and know your market competitors
  • Marketing strategy
  • Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track progress

How to use a marketing plan

At any point a marketing plan can be adjusted based on the results of the current campaigns. It is important to be patient and let a campaign have time to show results before tweaking anything!

How to write a marketing plan

  1. State your business’s ultimate goal
  2. Determine the KPIs to track progress
  3. Identify your ideal client
  4. Create a content plan
  5. Clearly define marketing limitations
  6. Determine the marketing budget
  7. Identify the competition
  8. Delegate responsibilities

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