The difference between a styled shoot and an editorial shoot

Branding Shoot

Although a styled shoot and an editorial shoot are similar there are differences.

Styled Shoot:

A styled shoot specifically started in the wedding industry. There are a few purposes that a styled shoot would happen- to create content, working with a vendor you want to be booked with, being creative without the pressure of a clients expectations or to get published.

Editorial Shoot:

An editorial shoot is a shoot put together to tell a story, create a concept, flexing your creative muscles or get published.

So although there is the overlap of getting published and being creative beyond that their purposes are different.

Who puts them on?

Styled Shoot

A Styled Shoot is put on by either a wedding planner, photographer, or florist. Occasionally another vendor does put them on but these are the common vendors who will put on styled shoots.

Editorial shoot:

An editorial shoot is put on by a creative director or a photographer.

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