What to put in your Instagram bio

Instagram bio

In order to be found on instagram it’s important to create a bio that is worded for being pushed to your clients through instagrams Search Engine Optimization (SEO.)

Previously it was taught that you put things in the bio that would show your personality and allow your audience to connect with your brand before ever engaging with you. With the development of stories, highlights and now reels that’s no longer the case.

So what should go in a bio?

  • Your location if you service one area (or mostly service an area)
  • What type of business you are (virtual assistant, branding agency, branding photographer..etc.)
  • Any niche keywords (servicing medical professionals, bold and colorful, wedding, luxury/elite… etc)
  • Call to action- dm to book, join our community, listen to our podcasts podcasts

Important things to note

  • Don’t make your handle and your name the same
  • Keep things short and sweet ex: listen to our podcasts wit a finger pointing down to the link instead of click the link in our bio to listen to our podcasts
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