How to build your businesses instagram engagement

Instagram engagement

If you count on leads coming from your instagram it’s important to know how to bring people to your account!

Instagram is used by 71% of businesses in the United States. In order for your business instagram to stand out you need to be ready to be active, show up and know your audience.

In order to create an engaging audience you first need to engage with other acrcounts on instagram.

This means you need to NOT just post on your instagram account. You need to go watch stories, vote on polls, answer/ask questions, and comment with other peoples posts.

If you have ever noticed that a really big brand has responded to a post that you tagged them in there’s a few reasons. One big reason is they become more approachable this way making you think more favorably of their brand. The other big reason for this is that it helps them rank higher in the algorithm. The algorithm doesn’t like a selfish account. The more love you give the more love the algorithm will give your account.

It is not enough to just post something cute on instagram anymore.

Your brand needs a face and we don’t mean a logo. Instagram is focused more on creators than they are brands! In order to be seen your face needs to actually be seen by your audience. So it’s time to get personal with your audience. It is not enough to offer a great product/service now you must also offer a great experience and be able to shout about it fromt he rooftops (or in this case, Instagram.)

Your audience is searching for content thats interesting and relatable.

Knowing your audience is a HUGE part of creating content that allows for engagement. In the clearest terms your followers don’t want to engage with an instagram account that doesn’t post content that interests them. The best way to know your audience is to post interactive stories and engage with them in your messages.

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