Why Canva is a must for marketing

Canva is our go to for all of our marketing needs

Canva is an absolute game changer when it comes to marketing. It is amazing because it offers templates, allows you to easily stick with your visual brand and you can remove backgrounds from photos easily!

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Canva templates save you time and energy. With their templates you can easily type in whatever platform you’re going to be creating a graphic for and it will display templates that will fit the size requirements for that platform as well as designs that allow you to plug in your info and be done quickly.

Brand Kit

If you’re a stickler for creating a cohesive visual brand like we are then it’s important to remember the exact hex color codes that are in your branding. With Canva pro you can easily save your brand colors, fonts & logos to your account for easy access.

Background Removal

Photo background removal is one feature that canva really blows us away on. This is a feature that with a click of a button you eliminate a lot of extra work in Adobe.

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