Dji Pocket 2 Review

DJI Pocket 2 Review

We bought the DJI pocket 2 (from here forward referred to as the DJI Pocket) on a total whim back in February of 2021. We had gone in to Best Buy to get a new gimbal thanks to our original one breaking. We already had a DJI drone (the original Mavic Mini at the time) and knew that we loved the quality for the price that it was and decided that DJI was a brand that we could trust so we were buying the Ronin SC 2 to replace our gimbal. While we were at Best buy I spotted the Pocket and was super intrigued but was not sure it would provide the quality that I needed. I had some time to take a peak online while Spencer drove since we had to go back to my house really quick to get something from a client. As soon as that was finished we rushed back to Best Buy to buy a DJI Pocket!

What I found online about the DJI Pocket

DJI upgraded the sensor size and gave it a wider lens than the DJI OSMO (we did not have one of these but who doesn’t love seeing improvements?!)

There is a gimbal on the camera

You can flip the camera to face frontwards and backwards

It shoots 4K ultra HD (biggest selling point that I had to actually look up)

The DJI pocket has a tripod mount on the bottom

DJI sells accessories online for the DJI Pocket so you can really get the most out of it based on your needs

What I found out about the DJI Pocket in person

It’s small enough to fit in my (girl pant) pockets

Super easy to use

It comes with little adapters to connect to phones & ipads

It is JUST right for behind the scenes at our Styled Shoots because it’s small enough no one pays attention to that you’re filming. For me this was ideal because at the shoots photographers try to be polite and move if they’re in the way of someone trying to get a shot.

It is perfect for traveling (there is even a waterproof case but we don’t have it)

What I don’t like

I am FOREVER accidentally flipping the camera and then I struggle to get it turned back around. Spencer gets it in one try though so this is mostly a user defect

It uses a different app than the drone. How many apps does one company really need?

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