What are Adventure Elopement Styled Shoots

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With adventure elopements growing in popularity it only makes sense to have content to promote this style to your clients. The best way to get booked for an adventure elopement is to have the content to showcase!

We happen to be biased and love an adventure! When Becca and Spencer went on their first date Becca told him it would be an adventure and they walked around the city for hours. According to Becca, It’s not truly a date if you don’t climb a tree, so they had to meet in a park and climb a tree.

What classifies a shoot as an “adventure elopement?”

Although many people will tell you an adventure elopement is an elopement/Styled Shoot out in nature we believe it’s an elopement that will be a cool story to tell about, which most often is in nature.

Our Styled Adventure Elopements are perfect for anyone looking to not only attract adventurous couples but also push the limits for your creativity these shoots would be a great fit for you!

Although traditionally adventure elopement happen at national parks and forests we do a majority of ours are at state parks. The reason for this is because adventure is everywhere but there’s only so many National parks or national forests. By creating your content in states parks you’re able to show your couples that their story is an adventure wherever it takes place and that you’re able to showcase it just as well as you could at a national park/forest.

As photographers your job is to tell a story. The couples that you book may not be hikers but may LOVE visiting a big city nearby and their version of an adventure may be a little more urban! By only showcasing the hiking style you are potentially limiting who will connect with your work.

Don’t limit yourself, say yes to adventure.

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