Best Facebook Groups for Beginner Photographers

Beginnger photographer resources

Although there will always be some individuals that are competitive or overly sensitive/defensive that may put a damper on a group on occasion here are some of the groups we think not only are super informative but also community driven! These groups are specifically for beginner photographers!

Glamour & Grind’s Community for Styled Shoots & Resources

We are of course a little biased but we think our group, Glamour & Grinds Community for Styled Shoots & Resources is great! We do weekly tips which are perfect for beginner photographers, welcome posts that double as follow chains, and opportunities to show off what you’ve been working on or are adding to your business!

Chase the Light with ReAnna Nicole Photography

ReAnna runs a really great group for photographers! She does weekly sharing posts and also does posts to have the community help boost each others posts on occasion! She describes her photographer group as, “A place for natural light photographer’s to share their passion for art (and beautiful skies) as well as get behind the scene edits, photography tips and much more.”

LEARN! A Kick*ss Photographer Community

Some of the main things this this Facebook group aims to do that are good for beginner photographers is:

  • Support or lift up others
  • Ask questions & learn from the group members
  • Creative friendships and connect with other like minded people

Any of the preset groups

These groups are ideal for new photographers just figuring out what their style is!

SOULMATE and SMAL LR & ACR Presets | Sven Malojlo

Dirtybootsandmessyhair Community for Wedding Photographers

Pretty Presets for Lightroom

Heart + Lifestyle Presets For Family, Newborn, and Wedding Photographers

TheLawTog® – the legal resource for photographers

The Legal Paige® Community

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