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With so many participants and pieces to photography editorial workshops it can be tricky to know the proper thing to do to follow editorial workshop etiquette sometimes. If you are planning on attending a workshop be sure to read our blog on getting the most out of attending Editorial Workshops!

Asking vendors to participate

When reaching out to vendors have the date and time of your event plus your moodboard in your first message. Be sure to also include type of compensation for their time in your first message so you don’t waste either parties time if it doesn’t line up with something they’ll agree to.


Be sure to not over extend yourself as ask for stuff too late in the game! People need time to create and plan so be sure to plan ahead.

Be mindful of holidays that effect the industry such as Valentines day, Easter & Christmas which are all flower heavy celebrations.

Be reasonable

Don’t ask people to give you the world when you’re not contributing financially. Specifically we are talking about flowers. If you are not paying for the flowers ask for the minimum such as a bouquet for each model and a centerpiece for 1-2 tables.


Check Facebook group rules before attempting to sell tickets in it!


Provide one. Simple as that. Vendors put their time, money and talent into these shoots and should get a return. Even if whoever is putting it on doesn’t ask you to provide galleries you should still provide them because the vendors more often than not receive no photos from real weddings.


You should ALWAYS give proper credit. If you are putting on a shoot be sure to provide a vendor list for everyone to know who to credit. Although this is not a common practice we believe everyone should be tagged in all photos even if their work isn’t in it unless the person who’s work is displayed would be considered a conflict of interest.


If you are charging for photographers to come the florist should have some portion of their flowers covered. The absolute only reason it shouldn’t all be covered is if you’re paying for expensive (more than $200) dresses that are taking up the budget. Unless you are exclusively a creative director you absolutely should not make money from a shoot unless you’ve paid the wholesale cost of your flowers.

Flower Budget

When you set up a shoot let your florist know what your flower budget is so they can order and budget properly. If they want to surpass the budget they are welcome to but that is on their dime.


Always ask for a copy. Especially when you’re just starting out and don’t know how much flowers cost.

Be sure to join our group for creative directors to discuss photoshoot Etiquette.

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