Styled Shoot Misconceptions and Misdirections

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Planning your first Styled Shoot can come with many ideas that may lead to some Styled Shoot fails. If you’ve never attended a Styled Shoot you may have some major Styled Shoot misconceptions.

Keep it simple

We’re going to be the bad guys here. You are not superman/wonderwoman. Keep your first shoot more minimal and intimate.

Don’t plan your first shoot with more than two sets of models. Whether it’s two couples or one couple and one high fashion bride. The reason you want it smaller like this is to be able to manage your event during and keep the schedule simple for your first shoot. Your first shoot should be capped at 3 photographers per set of models. This will help you keep an eye on everything from keeping track of the time to making sure everyone is sharing their models well.

Don’t have your first shoot with multiple themes. It can already be extremely difficult to pull off one theme adding more will leave you frustrated. Which leads to another note. Finding the looks off of Pinterest can be TOUGH! Make that your inspiration and not your full vision.

If you are shooting bring on a coordinator to help!

One of the biggest styled shoot fails we see happen is when a photographer puts on a styled shoot with no one else to help with things like keeping track of the time and directing the groups. That being said, be sure to decide what credit they get if you care about getting credit for the shoot. Having a coordinator will help you be able to focus on actually shooting. If you are a newer photographer or trying to get published this is super important! A photographer who already has a full portfolio may not need as many shots and may be able to balance getting what they want while also running a shoot.

Interest from potential participants

One of the most common Styled Shoot misconceptions from new creative directors is that they think interest equals confirmed participants. Everyone wants to be a part of a pretty shoot until they have to pay, have the opportunity to make money or don’t want to leave the house. Just because everyone says they want to sign up doesn’t mean they are actually going to sign up. Do NOT buy the most expensive thing assuming that all of those people will sign up.

Getting ready on Shoot day

You’re going to want at least an hour to set up everything. The idea that the vendors will know where things should go is not necessarily true. Many vendors don’t know what lighting would be best so they will need guidance!

Hair and makeup

If you have one stylist for hair and makeup schedule in 2 hours per girl. Be sure to ask your hair and makeup team how many models they are comfortable with before adding an excessive amount of models!

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