Eight Reasons to Attend Editorial Shoot Workshops

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Why you should attend editorial shoot workshop quarterly!

Attending editorial shoot workshops is one of the best ways to grow your business! We believe everyone should go to a editorial shoot workshop at least once a quarter!


You create content for your marketing! No matter what type of business you have or where your clients find you you will need marketing materials to show off what your business does! This is a way to create content that aligns with what your ideal client is looking for.


Creative freedom! Seriously, what is the point of being a creative entrepreneur if you never get to flex your creative wings?! Burn out is a very common thing in creative industries/jobs. A great way to prevent it is by creating what you want to at least once a quarter! Be sure to sign up for shoots that match with the upcoming season so you have content to share that is appropriate. When you go to editorial workshops you have the opportunity to be as extra as you want!


Editorial workshops allow you to try new things without the pressure from satisfying a paid client. For photographers this means you get to try new poses and different lighting situations. For vendors who attend editorial shoot workshops you are able to try new techniques or pair up new items to decide how, or if, you like something!


Networking! Networking is so important for running a successful, growing business! Although you’re not usually networking with potential clients you are networking with the best referral partners you could have, potentially even your golden goose! In a world where everything is done electronically meeting face to face will make you stand out and help you truly connect with other industry professionals!


It’s a business write off. Seriously! These are a necessary expense. Your business needs marketing materials, if there is education included then you could write it off as training.


Renewing your passion! When you do something with the pressure of work it takes away a bit of what make it shiny and pretty before. Doing it in a fun atmosphere allows you to reignite that passion.


The opportunity to get Published! Although you’re never guaranteed to get published signing up for the right shoots will give you good chances!


It’s fun! Okay, we know that’s not a very good reason to spend business money BUT hear us out! Who says that you can’t work and play at the same time!

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