How to Grow a Facebook Group

Facebook group for photographers

In less than two years our group has grow by 2.8k members. Here are some tips and tricks on how to grow a Facebook group!

Be okay with starting small!

This may sound silly but invite who you already have as clients or contacts and create a great group for them! They are more likely to be engage with your group and love it! These people will be some of your best clients and referrals!

Post when you are looking for something/someone

By doing these posts you are inviting your members to recommend who they like and if they’re not already a member their name will be grayed out and you can tell whoever suggested them to invite them in case they are interested!

Speak it into existence

People want to see you succeed. This means if you’re close to reaching a milestone goal like 100 members tell them that you are so close to reaching your goal of X amount of members and ask for their help!

There are many times you have the opportunity to get likes or share your page when someone is looking for something you offer. Stop sharing your page. Your page is limiting because the Facebook algorithm doesn’t push it as hard as they push groups. Instead share the link to your Facebook group and push your page in your group! An example of pushing your business page in your group is by sharing your recent posts to the group.

Don’t push your group on people too hard

Seriously this can be a huge turn off. Find opportunities to share about your group but don’t post about it all the time. Your personal page should be 80% personal. You should share your group once a quarter. Groups don’t become super successful overnight in most situations. Think of your group like a plant, they both need to be checked in on and tended to and then it will grow!

Be consistent

It doesn’t matter if no one comments on your posts or watches your lives when you do them. When you show up people notice.

Do a giveaway

This is a last resort because unless you’re giving away something with high value giveaways don’t necessarily bring in that many new members. If you’re going to do a giveaway give a lot of notice!

Re-evaluate as needed

It’s okay if things don’t work! Just like a business sometimes you need to go through the rebranding process with your group!

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