Working In The Wedding Industry Pt. 1

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If you’re thinking about joining the wedding industry you should know the good, the bad and the ugly!

It’s great to love Love but what are you really getting into when joining the wedding industry?

Admin Work

You are forever behind on admin work.


There is unlimited potential in this industry. You set your own limits. You can niche in whatever you want no matter how saturated the market is. The key is to be confident in not only your work but also yourself! People want to see you succeed and they want to see you love your work!

Brides Want an Experience

Whether you are truly unique or not it’s important to make your bride feel like you are unique and providing something she wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere.

Word of Mouth is Key!

You NEED referrals! You can give all of your money to the knot or wedding wire (or are they calling themselves wedding pros now?!) and unless you are truly unique you won’t get booked. If you build relationships with local (or destinations you want to be booked) vendors you are more likely to get booked! In the wedding industry having friendors who can give you referrals is the best way to get booked because their brides already trust them.


You will (almost) never charge the right amount! Thats okay! Not everyone is going to be the client for you and you won’t be the preferred professional for everyone!

A good thing to note is if you’re under charging you not only will get the cheap brides who will be a pain! You should also know that you will deter the brides you want from booking you because they will assume something is wrong with you!


Don’t believe the hype on social media. It’s not glamorous. It can be quite the opposite as the Mother of the Bride is undermining everything you do, the drunk, sloppy groomsmen who will hit on you, the bride who has no official vendors and much more! Don’t expect this to be like any wedding movie.

Learning Curve

Despite that you may have been to many weddings you may not necessarily know the wedding terminology!

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