Common, Yet Unusual, Wedding Terms

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Wedding Terms are like another language

When you’re first entering the wedding industry there are a lot words that are common wedding terms that will sound foreign to you. No one likes being lost or showing they don’t know what a bride is talking about. If there’s a term we don’t have listed that you think should be included be sure to send us a message!

ArborThe arch stood under during a ceremony
Banquet ChairsA light weight, stackable chair used for events, usually at churches or banquet halls
Boutonniére Flower arrangement that is pinned to a mans blazer or suspenders
BustleTailors add loops, buttons, or ribbons to pull up and tuck the train of a dress in to allow for walking & dancing
Cascade BouquetA bouquet with loose foliage in the front in an asymmetrical style
ChargerA decorative, larger plate that goes under your china (plates) on your table at a wedding, not to be eaten on
Farm TableWooden tables that are often handcrafted usually for a rustic, farmhouse or vintage feel- It is frowned upon to cover them with a linen
FlatlayDetail Pictures of stationery, rings and other personal items for the Bride & Groom, often ribbon and ring boxes are used as props
GarlandDetail Pictures of stationery, rings and other personal items for the Bride & Groom, often ribbon and ring boxes are used as props
Ghost ChairsClear chairs used for events for a high end, modern look
GreeneryGreen leaves or foliage used in flower arrangements
Grooms CakeA smaller cake that is for the groom, often more fun than a traditional wedding cake
LinensA tablecloth used for events
RecessionalThe music played during the Bride & Grooms Ceremony exit
ProcessionThe order in which the bridal party goes down the aisle
Ring BoxA decorative ring box for photos- usually velvet
RunsheetA document for all details for the wedding day
Sweetheart TableThe head table; where the Bride & Groom sit during the reception
Table RunnerA decorative fabric to spread across a table
TablescapeDecorations for a table at an event or gathering; setting the table in a high end way
Taper CandleA tall, slim candle that can be used in candle stick holders or a candelabra
TrainMaterial on a wedding gown that trails behind the bride
Vendor MealA cheap meal supplied to the vendors at weddings all day- often frozen food
VotivesTiny vases to hold tea candles

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