The Rebranding Process

Rebranding is a PROCESS! It’s easy to forget something

Rebranding can be overwhelming and confusing. It feels like you always forget something or don’t know what order to do things in! Knowing how to rebrand will save you so much time and frustration!

Decide who you want as a client?

Who is your ideal client? What do they like? Where are they (or where are they going)? What is their personality type?

How can & should you reach this client?

Depending on who you want as a client there’s many ways to reach them. Instead of throwing your information (and money) at everything and hoping it sticks its important to pick what is worth dedicating to as a business owner.

What is your biggest goal for your rebrand?

If you rebrand without purpose you won’t accomplish anything. Go into the rebranding process ready to accomplish something specific. If you can’t figure out the answers to the previous questions schedule a coaching session to ensure your rebrand will be effective!

Rebranding checklist coming soon!

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