Benefits of using our Styled Shoot Calendar

Styled Shoot Calendar

Our why

We are all about community over competition. So, we decided recently we wanted our website to be a one stop shop for styled shoots. This, to us, meant if you wanted info on a styled shoot or you were planning one we wanted to be where you’d go. Being a business owner is all about solving problems. The problems we wanted to solve was fighting the Facebook algorithm, group hopping and having your post get lost in groups with a million other posts looking for vendors, models or photographers.

Your why

It is searchable

Everyone is able to come on our site and search our calendar for shoots near them!

It keeps track of the number of tickets remaining

For each ticket made it allows you to limit the number of tickets available! This means you don’t have to worry about over selling on accident!

Ticket options

Our system is setup to allow you to sell different types of tickets! This means you can do early bird tickets, late registration tickets, tickets for different times in the day, vendor tickets and more! Each ticket you make you set a price for!

Forget something?

You can easily come back and edit your event! It is SO easy! Login, go to your event and hit edit!

Your website SEO

We are forever upping our seo game and linking your website on our site will help your seo! For every event it allows you to add a website link. Go for it and throw your url on there even if it’s just a shameless plug!

There’s no cost up front

Seriously, there is NO risk! Why wouldn’t you want your event put there?

For every ticket you sell there is a 10% fee.

Be found easier

Our main goal is to have one space, off of social media, where everyone can advertise. The reason we want this off of social media is we want it to be a space where no one is having to fight the algorithms to be seen! Our searchable features make it even simpler! Plus you get a link specifically for your event! This makes it easy to share your event!

Saves time

Instead of sending invoices your time is all in the setup! After setting it up one time you’re good to go!

It sends you the money

It will ask for your PayPal email address when you make the event and send you the money as you sell tickets!

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