Our Experience with Mr. Pretty Skirts

To say we are addicted to Mr. Pretty is an understatement. If we could do all of our shoots with their tulle skirts we would. We have six Mr. Pretty Skirts, a bodysuit, a top and a corset back crop top!


Mr Pretty Skirt Rental

In general, it takes about two weeks to get your order from them. Obviously during a pandemic where supplies are limited and shipping is slow the shipping is significantly slower.

Pictures and reality

St. Augustine Night of Lights Styled Elopement

The pictures on the website are (generally) what the skirts look like in person. We’ve had one skirt that we got that really did not look like the skirt we ordered and we’re not sure if it’s even the right skirt! But, its still beautiful and the right color so we never complained!


Utah Styled Shoot Dress rental

Although Mr. Pretty skirts are beautiful if you’re expecting consistency and sizes that are accurate these may not be for you! Almost all of our skirts are a size XL and they all vary in size. For their elastic tulle skirts they are stretchy but you will still want to order at least a large!

Pro tip: If you’re planning on using these tulle skirts a lot for a wide range of clients order even larger than the XL and use pony spring clips to make them fit small clients!


Savannah Styled Shoot Tulle Skirt

You absolutely CANNOT buy this much tulle in the United States for the price of the skirt! They are very full. We encourage you to rent one of ours if you’re interested in trying a Mr. Pretty skirt before you invest in one you can rent one!

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