Why to book a Florida editorial workshop

Florida Styled Shoot

If you’re on the edge about wanting to book Florida editorial workshop we HIGHLY recommend you dive in head first.

Theres no where else that can compete with Florida editorial workshops if you’re a photographer! If you’re unsure about if you really need to book Florida editorial workshop here are some things we think make Florida an AMAZING option location to build your dream marketing materials!

Mossy oak trees

Chandler Oaks Dream Wedding

We love a Southern feeling editorial shoot. Mossy Oaks add just the right touch to knock your socks off!

The Gulf Coast

Styled Elopement Tampa Bay St Pete Clearwater Fort De soto

Our BEAUTIFUL West Coast beaches are a huge hit! The water is calm and the colors are stunning! Hit the beach before your shoot and go back home with a great tan from your work vacation!

Sunshine state

North Florida Wedding Styled Shoot

We are known for our sunshine! Florida editorial shoots consist of golden hours that are absolutely stunning. When you have some vegetation for the sun to peak through or even some mossy trees its jaw dropping!

What are seasons?

St. Augustine Night of Lights Styled Elopement

We rarely get cold weather! During “winter” is the perfect time to come on down to Florida! We may start and end our days with a slight chill but by mid day your layers will need to be shed!

Historic Locations

St Augustine Styled Shoot Wedding Portfolio builder Shootout

There are so many historic locations throughout Florida! St. Augustine is one of our personal favorites as it is only about 45 minutes from us in Jacksonville!

Tropical Vibes

Flutter Dress Styled Shoot

When you think tropical vibes in the upper 48 you think Florida! We have the perfect weather and the picture perfect locations!

Disney, Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens…

Florida Styled Shoot Wands wedding Shoot bridal shoot

Spend an extra day in Florida during your Florida editorial shoot trip and visit your favorite theme parks! Or bring your kids and send them to a theme park while you work on building your business through networking and portfolio building.

Destination weddings

Styled Wedding Shoot Ribault Club Jacksonville Florida wedding photographer

Who doesn’t want to get booked for destination weddings? You’re more likely to get booked for destination weddings if you have it in your portfolio! Bonus points if you write blogs about your experiences and do seo!

Amazing Community

Florida wedding community

We are so fortunate to have such a welcoming wedding industry community. Every shoot is an opportunity to create a new freindor!

Be sure to join our online community!

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