Ways to Support Small Businesses

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With continued lockdowns and increased financial stress on small businesses, here are some simple ways that you can support your local small businesses

Its so important to support your local small businesses! We wanted to put together a list of quick and easy ways you can help a local or small business owner you love!

Write them a review or testimonial

If you have pictures of them working, or of their products or services, include those!

Some good places to write reviews are: Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, Etsy, or industry specific hosting sites such as Wedding Pro, Airbnb, the Knot etc. Reviews are often the biggest deciding factor when it comes to choosing small businesses. Mention any special services the business provides or highlight how unique the experience was.

Interact with their social media.

Comment on their posts using four or more words. Even if its “This is so awesome!” Comments with less words do not boost the posts as much with the new updated algorithms.

Emojis do NOT count as words!

Like their posts
Share their posts

Interacting with small businesses’s posts help put them higher on your feed to be sure you see them the next time they post! As small business owners, we are constantly FIGHTING with the facebook and instagram algorithms to be seen. You’re way less likely to see our posts if you’re not interacting occasionally.

Visit their website

The more popular their site is the better it’ll rank in searches! Google pushes what it thinks people want to see! Even if you visit the link for a few seconds it will help the business tremendously!

Share their page/group on social media

Invite people to their page or group

Don’t hesitate to ask where their clients come from (page or group)! They will feel so special knowing you want to help their business and business owners love talking about their businesses!

Tell a business owner how their business has made your life better.

Buy a gift card

Even if it is $25 you’re still telling the business owner you support them!

You can buy our gift cards here.

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