What to Pack for photoshoots at Providence Canyon

Providence Canyon is absolutely stunning and perfect for a photoshoot.

We went to Providence Canyon, also known as the Little Grand Canyon, for a photography workshop and wanted to share a few things to help make your trip there for shoots easier!

Don’t forget your hiking boots

Seriously, this should be obviously yet only a few of us thought of it! I may have been on the list of guilty people who packed for walking and not hiking!

Pack a first aid kit

They sell first aids that are already put together by Providence Canyon at Target! Grab one of those and some benedryl! You never know what will happen and its better to be over prepared than under prepared.

Collect everyones emergency contact information

This was something I didn’t consider until someone mentioned that only their husband knew where they were. A simple way to collect the information is to make a google forms sheet for everyone participating in your shoot to fill out.

Pack water

Have a few people in your group bring backpacks to carry a few water bottles each so not just one person is carrying a bunch of heavy bottles. If its during the hot months you can freeze some bottles to put at the bottom of the bag to keep the other bottles a little cooler.

Bring a changing tent

A pop-up changing tent will allow you to get to the first location for shooting before your couples have to get into their clothing they’ll be shooting in so they don’t get dirty or sweaty.

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