What to Expect With Our Mini Styled Shoots

Diner mini shoot

Mini styled shoots are a great way to commit less time, money and energy to creating marketing materials for your business.

When signing up for one of these mini styled shoots it is important to understand that the price is lower because you aren’t getting all of the details normally put into a styled shoot. We offer two tiers of mini styled shoots, elopements, known as thrive (our more expensive ones) or Prosper which are our non wedding related shoots.

Thrive- Elopement mini Styled Shoot

With our elopement shoots we provide a wedding gown from our rental dresses, mens ties when it fits the theme and a bouquet. Hair and makeup is almost always provided.

These shoots are focused on providing an affordable styled shoots for a photographer wanting to break into weddings.

We always use a real couple unless otherwise stated (such as a stranger session).

How many photographers can attend?

Just like our Flourish shoots it is a max of 5 per couple. For a shoot that 5 photographers sign up there will be one couple. Once a 6th person signs up we will add a second couple.

Do I get to shoot all models?

Yes! About half way the photographers swap groups. When it is at a location with water around sunset the couples get in the water next to each other, but with enough room to not be in each others shots, and the photographers shoot them together and swap as needed.

Prosper- Non Wedding Mini Styled Shoots

Just like the elopement shoots its open to 5 photographers per model/couple.

These shoots can be anything from a family session, a couples session, boudoir or an editorial shoot.

The joy of these shoots is you get to show up and shoot a fun theme with less stress than a large wedding shoot. These are also perfect for photographers that don’t shoot weddings.

Be sure to join our online community for information on future shoot opportunities.

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