Why not to choose yourself as a model for editorial workshops

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It may seem like a good idea to model for editorial workshops you plan but here are some things to consider.

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Who’s portfolio are you building?

Editorial workshops are a great way for creatives to get the marketing material needed to help them grow their business and get booked with the clients they want. For people that don’t know you this may seem like you are trying to get pictures of yourself and get paid for it. The goal should be to provide the vendors and photographers attending the opportunity to create the materials they want, not to build your own modeling portfolio. There are more than enough styled shoots planned to model in someone else’s instead of putting one together and modeling in it yourself.

Keeping the peace

To ensure that everyone is being courteous you really can’t have your attention divided between modeling and running a shoot. As a model your attention is divided between which photographer to look at and it can be easy to miss who is not being considerate of the other photographers in the group.

Keeping a schedule

Keeping a rotating schedule for the photographers between stations becomes a lot more difficult when you’re focused on modeling and not on keeping track of the time. You can’t wear a watch or have your phone on you while wearing a wedding dress. You will come off less professional and less organized if you are unable to keep a schedule.

Little details are easy to miss

As the host you have to ensure everything gets photographed. It is easy to forget to put something out when you are preoccupied with modeling. Often times cakes can’t be put outside until the end of the styled shoot because the icing will melt.

Hair and makeup during setup

Setup occurs while hair and makeup is taking place. You cannot be a part of setup if you are having your hair and makeup done at the same time.

Missed Marketing Opportunities

When you model instead of bringing in a couple to model for you you are taking away the opportunities for your photographers and vendors to have their work shared by another person/couple. When using a real couple the participants in the shoot are more likely to have their work shared and get referrals from creating a relationship with the people involved.

Being available to be the best host

This one is important not only for the people considering modeling in their own shoots but also shooting in their own shoots. It is your responsibility when you sell tickets to be the host anything else comes second. During editorial workshops as the host there as a lot of people who have a lot of questions. Its not fair to pause the shoot as a model to answer questions.

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