Getting the Most From Editorial Workshop

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Editorial workshops are important for creative business owners. However your business will not grow simply from attending the shoots. To get the most from editorial workshop you have to really give it your all even after you leave the shoot. If you’re unsure about what exactly a styled shoot is you can get some more information from this blog post.

Before the Shoot

To sign up for shoots you must join our online community and when there is a workshop we will share a link to the tickets!

Vendors must be sure to communicate what they want to display for marketing purposes. There’s no point in signing up for a shoot and feeling like you have a million pictures of what you’re showcasing and can’t post them anywhere.

Be sure to pack everything you need for a day of shooting.

Make a shot list! We have one that you can start with but you know what you need for your portfolio and in the moment you can miss it due to all the hustle and bustle if its not written out!

After the Shoot

After every shoot we post the vendor list to ensure everyone gets tagged! Ensuring everyone is tagged is crucial for a styled shoot. This basically goes along with the golden rule, if you would want credit when someone else shares your work be sure to tag others! Although the point of a editorial shoot is not for exposure it also doesn’t hurt. When a bride is looking at a vendors social media who they’re booked/booking with they will look through their pictures and click through to other vendors accounts. By not tagging you are lowering the chances of being booked with this person. Long story short, just tag EVERYONE! If you don’t have a social media management platform yet check out Later to be able to save the vendor list in the captions!

When a photographer finishes the gallery they share it in the event section of the shoot and from there we tag all of the vendors involved. Be sure to download the pictures! We suggest not just downloading the pictures of your work but other vendors as well so you are able to make blog posts on the shoot as well as post on social media.

Share the photos. Whether you’re a photographer or a vendor be sure to share the images from the shoots you participate in. It doesn’t do you any good to be a part of a shoot focused on creating marketing materials if you don’t use the marketing materials!

After the shoot for Photographers

Edit right away, even if you just edit ten images the night of the shoot and share them in the group. This allows the vendors involved to have something to post thats not a phone picture and they will appreciate the switch turn around! You’re more likely to get recommendations to brides if you are getting the vendors excited.

Edit and share your gallery. This is a super obvious concept yet some photographers never finish editing or share their gallery. For our Flourish shoots we charge a $25 refundable fee that photographers get back when they share their galleries in the group. We also offer a rewards program for photographers who participate in our flourish shoots often AND send in their galleries from the shoots.

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