How to Prepare for a Maternity Milk Bath

Let us know it’s going to be a maternity milk bath.

We fill the tub before every session because it takes about 20 minutes to fill and we don’t want that time with your clients going to waste. We know with a maternity milk bath you’ll need less water in the tub so telling us lets us fill to the proper level.

What should I use to create the milk effect?

Milk is the best option! But if you do milk baths a lot and want to buy a big container of powdered coffee creamer that also works! Again, if you’re going the powdered route let us know so we can prepare to add more water to help break it up when you arrive!

The more milk you pour in the whiter it will be.

What type of flowers to use.

We suggest flowers that are more open and flat looking. Roses do work but you will need to push them open a bit which can be time consuming. Cut the flowers right where the stem meets the flower to make it float nicely. Petals are always a good, easy idea!

If you decide to go with silk flowers and need a link Lings moment silk flowers are easy to purchase and quick to be delivered. Be sure to add some styrofoam so they will float!

Some additions additives

Adding some essential oils, bath salts, honey, or baking soda is a nice touch to make it more relaxing! Be sure to ask your clients if they have an allergies before doing this.

What to wear.

  • Lace see through dresses with either a slip or nude under garments
  • Go all natural! Celebrate your body! It’s a beautiful thing to bring a baby in the world.
  • A kimono, we suggest one that ties or has buttons for an elegant look.
  • Sheer chiffon or tulle Fabric
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