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Size 12 styled shoot dress

This Spotlight Sunday is featuring Soul Sisters Designs

Jackie Shoumaker started Soul Sisters Designs in 2017 after feeling worn out from her job that worked 12-14 hour days which left her unfulfilled and too worn out for quality time with her kids.

There was a day in May right after Mothers day when her daughters had picked her some flowers and her husband had sent her a bouquet of some of here moms favorite flowers. The flowers were to remember her mom and cheer her up and as they began to wilt she thought about why she grow flowers, She hate to watch flowers wilt and die.

So, she did some soul searching and started playing with paper flowers at first, she used to make as a teen. But, she wanted something with a more natural look and feel. One of the first flowers she made with wood was a huge magnolia and from then on she was hooked!

She started with home decor pieces with the idea that she would eventually move on to wedding flowers and that day came much sooner than she expected. After that first wedding she suddenly had little time for home decor! Friends of the bride reached out for flowers and then their friends. Jackie had found her joy again and began shipping flowers all over the country!

Her flowers are made from thinly sliced tapioca wood. The veins, knot holes, and tiny imperfections in the wood just make the flowers more unique and realistic looking. Tapioca plant is a soft wood and a renewable resource so it makes her wood flowers an eco friendly, green product. The best part is of course that her flowers won’t die like real flowers! However, there are so many other amazing benefits. She’s like mother natures assistant because you never have to worry if your favorite flower is in bloom and all of her flowers are hand-painted in any color you can image. They can also be scented with essential oils, the wood just absorbs the oil and the flowers act as a diffuser. You also don’t have to worry about allergies with her flowers. You get all of the beauty of real flowers without having to watch them wilt!

The pics below show what she makes the flowers from and different sizes and styles she can make as well as a bouquet from a shoot we did together!

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