Styled Shoot Types- Our Three Tiers

JACKSONVILLE Florida Barbies beauty room Styled shoot

We offer three different styled shoot types wedding, elopement and non wedding.

Because we have expanded past wedding styled shoots it only makes sense to have more than one package! The prices shown below are for group rates for our styled shoot types. To see the list of our upcoming shoots be sure to join our community and check under the events tab.


Prosper is our lowest tier. These shoots are not wedding related. They are things like boudoir shoots, couple sessions or family sessions.

Styled Shoot for non weddings


Thrive is what we consider our “elopement package.” It is strictly the portraits (and a bouquet) of the couple. These are generally in fun locations, like a fort or downtown, allowing for an adventurous feel to the shoot to match what couples are looking for currently.

Florida Elopement Styled Shoots


Our most popular, and highest, package is Flourish.

Flourish is what you would think of normally when you think styled shoot. Generally this is a wedding shoot. This will consist of table settings, cake (possibly dessert table), hair and makeup for the bride(s), flatlay items and flowers. Often times there we add extra things like an officiant or an exit vehicle!

Be sure to check out our packing list for styled shoots days.

Exclusive styled shoot planning

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