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We are always looking for couples who are interested in being a part of our shoots. We do things a little differently and prefer to work with real couples for our editorial shoots. If you have model experience it is a plus but by no means not something that we look for. If you would like to check out our past shoots check out our instagram and past work page.

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What are the expectations?

When modeling for an editorial shoot we ask you to provide shoes that go with the theme. If we have shoes we are providing we will let you know.

We do ask that you have your nails painted (not chipped). If you want to take this opportunity to treat yourself and have your nails done thats absolutely acceptable, we just ask that you don’t pick a color that clashes with the color scheme. If you don’t want to have your nails done you buy press on nails to match the color scheme. You can buy them from places like Target, Walmart, Walgreens and cvs.

If your boyfriend/fiancé/husband is modeling with you we ask he provides his own attire. We will provide a tie and suspenders if that fits the look. We will share any facial hair expectations ahead of time. We do ask that his nails be trimmed before the shoot.

What if I don’t look like a “model”?

Models don’t even look like models without their hair and makeup team! We almost always have hair and makeup provided by professionals for our shoots! Please be sure to arrive with a clean face and recently washed, but dry hair.

What if my significant other and I are really awkward/non photogenic?

The photographers are professional and they are used to working with real couple JUST like you! They will know how to direct you to pose in ways that make you look madly in love and comfortable together.

How can I/we get picked?

First things first, be sure that you are a part of our online community. This is where we post our events. We do NOT always have a couple picked when we post so if you’re interested be sure to ask!

The next step is to fill out this form so when we are planning shoots we know to consider you!

What if my significant other won’t agree to model with me?

We understand not everyone is a fan of modeling! On occasion we do need high fashion brides or bridesmaids! Be sure to still fill out the form and just put that he/she won’t model with you!

Can I find a stand in for my significant other?

No, we do not use fake couples. For one thing this is a marketing shoot for the vendors involved and it is more beneficial to them if you have pictures you want to share. In addition to that fake couples do not have the chemistry the photographers are looking to capture.

What if I don’t have a wedding dress?

We always provide one! We work with many boutiques so we have no problem getting a dress for you!

What if I get overwhelmed during the shoot?

The bigger shoots are a couple of hours long so we encourage you to tell us when you need a break! We bring water and we feed the models before hair and makeup is finished so you won’t get hangry during the shoot! But feel free to bring water and snacks!

Is there a fee?

We do have a refundable $50 fee per couple/high fashion bride. This is like an assurance fee. It is very stressful to replace couples so this makes it so people who aren’t willing to fully commit won’t be committing and then backing out. On the day of the shoot when you show up you will be refunded!

I am only available on Weekends.. Can I still participate?

We host some shoots on weekends! They’re not as common because the venues and vendors get booked then! You can still apply to model and say you’re only available on weekends but if you are able to request off work with enough notice that raises the chances of you being able to be a part of a shoot.

Can I edit the pictures to match my feed?

This is actually illegal. If you love a specific photographers photos and you have a specific branding style for your social media you need it to match you can ask the photographer if they can edit it to match. It is up to them on if they choose to or not.

What undergarments should I wear?

Nude underwear! For up top I advice bringing pasties, boob tape or petals! Usually you’ll know ahead of time what dress you’re wearing but we always bring backups in case something doesn’t fit right!

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