Best Facebook Groups for Wedding Vendors in Florida

4th of July Wedding Shoot

If you are a wedding vendor you know that there are a million Facebook groups targeting you. We are here to give you recommendations on some of our favorite groups. Although there are many more groups these are the ones that the members are extremely active in and have admins to set standards. This is based on looking for advice and resources. We will do another post about ones to join to advertise in! Not all of these groups are local to Florida but they will have a lot of people who are in Florida.

Styled Shoots & Resources

We may be biased since this is our group but if you’re a creative business owner this is a great group to join! We offer weekly tips and spotlights and have created a community atmosphere in the group!

The Rising Tide Society

This group was formed around helping creative entrepreneurs and hobbyists. They are a community focused on collaboration over competition. Each area will have their own rising tide group if they are active. This is the group for the society as a whole. It is a good idea to find the local group so you can attend the monthly meetings that are information based.

House of Flynn

This is a group for photographers. They sell camera bags and accessories. They have a great community where people can go to ask for advice.

Chase the Light

This is a group for photographers for sharing their work and buying sky overlays! It has a great atmosphere where everyone is welcome!

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